Sunday, June 28, 2009

C1RCA Men's 8 Track 8Tkbwgn

Squeal up to the skatepark in your '81 Datsun, blasting Loverboy and rocking the C1RCA Men's 8 Track Skate Shoes. These shoes' retro style takes you back to the nitty gritty days of skateboarding. The 8 Tracks might look awesomely old-school, but these leather kicks offer tons of futuristic features. C1RCA gave them a shock absorbing insole with latex cushioning at the heel and arch for added support on those techy tricks and big drops. A soft, breathable fabric lining keeps your feet cool and dry, and the flexible custom herringbone tread pattern grips you to your board and provides traction while you breakdance to Doug E. Fresh beats.

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