Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AJ1 Low Phat Championship Pack Portland Trailblazers

I was talkin to Vince about the recent Air Jordan I releases.. I guess he brought it up cuz he's liking what he's seeing... while I retorted with saying its getting to be a lil much. Jordan Brand seems to be sticking to this formula where they've been taking their classic molds and diluting the sneaker walls with as many colours and variations as possible... no matter how good of an idea or bad one. Its a double edge sword really. On one hand, when JB decides to come out with the most ridiculous/strange/boring colour.. a failure.. then yes.. it makes you feel disgusted that they would do that to a holy grail.. (but I bet the same guy will cop that ish for $40 3 months later at the outlets..  heck I'm guilty of it).. now on the other hand with all these releases.. there's more chance of JB gettin it right. Its strictly a numbers game.. 1 out of 10 releases has gotta be a gem.  And it appears.. they've gotten it right with these Low Phat Championship Pack Portland Trailblazer joints (as my man Maze would say).