Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NBA All-Star Weekend

Every year I always get pretty amped up about the All-Star Weekend... and no matter what anyone says about the slam dunk contest.. I still find it very entertaining. Unfortunately I've missed quite a few weekends on the tube in the past few years and have had to resort to youtube... not this year though, got myself a PVR!! Not only will I be able to REWIND the high-flying action, I'll also be able to examine all the fly kicks donning the All-Star players' feet in high detail on HDTV.

Here's a preview:

Chris Paul (West) : Air Jordan 2009

Joe Johnson (East) : Air Jordan 2009

Ray Allen (East) : Air Jordan 2009

Dirk Nowitzki (West) : Nike Air Max Spot Up

Amare Stoudemire (West) : Nike Foamposite Lite

LeBron James (East) : Zoom LeBron VI

Kobe Bryant (West) : Zoom Kobe IV

Eastern Allstar : Nike Hyperdunk

Western Allstar : Nike Hyperdunk

Steve Nash (West) : Nike Zoom MVP x Trash Talk

Western Allstar : Nike Air Huarache 09

Eastern Allstar : Nike Air Huarache 09

Kevin Durant (West) : KD1

Eastern Allstar : Nike Air Foamposite Lite

Western Allstar : Nike Air Foamposite Lite