Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Canada Moose Hide Leather Moccasins Men Women Wrap Shoes


Moose Hide Wrap-around Moccasins Women's & Men's

•Moose Hide Wrap-Around Moccasins •Original Moccasins •Moose Hide Moccasins • Soft Moose Hide • Unlined to provide cool comfort. • Double soled with foam cushion for extended wear. • Double-stitched for durability. • Wrap-around • Flat heel. • Original Moccasins are made by Native North American Indian Owned Company in Canada •These Moose Hide leather moccasins are great for everyone at any time of year. Many people wear the位r during the wintertime as house shoes and during the summertime as sandals, so you can get use out of them all year. Durable, comfortable, and affordable, everyone can use a pair of these. •Moccasins are ready to ship the moment payment is made. •The Moose Hide used in the construction of the slipper is very soft and will stretch as the slipper is worn. Therefore, the moccasin should fit 'snug' when purchased. A properly fitting moccasin should feel quite snug when you first try it on. Some people have to give it a good tug before their foot will slide in. Their toes press against the front of the slipper. This is a perfect fit. The moccasin will stretch to fit. If you purchase a moccasin to initially fit like a shoe, it will stretch out and become too lose. Order the same size that you normally wear in a good dress shoe.