Thursday, November 12, 2009

Luxury Prom Shoes Collection

These aerial heels are somewhat like a “fairy tale” shoe for the prom, don’t you think? These Betsey Johnson “Layla” aerial heels are not priced low, but if you are or accept a angel with a bit added to absorb on some alluring brawl shoes, these fantasy heels may aloof fit the bill.

The sparkly cobweb bury with the Swarvoski® bean and fair trim will accumulate the sparkles and flash activity all night.

The heels are 4 inches, and the shoes affection a Lightly bedlam insole and covering upper.

These admirable brawl shoe contenders are 35% off their approved price, but still on the abrupt end at $145.00, but absolutely a alluring aerial heel for any angel of the ball!