Friday, September 25, 2009

Teva Not-Quite-Sandals

Equipmment For Around The World Trip Is Being Assembled
The last week has been a blur of details and choices, exchanges and re-thinking on what to bring on a long-distance bicycle trip. Luckily for me there are online journals with dozens of equipment lists so I can see what others have done.

I have tried on numerous types and brands of tennis shoe in the past week, bought three, returned three. Three strikes and
you are out, right?
These Teva shoes are very light, have ventilation holes, and I have been wearing them all week and forget they are on me. Originally I bought them just to relax around camp. I tried regular sandals but my daughter Lexi convinced me that other campers should not be subjected to the horrible sight of my bare feet right at dinner time. Sadly, she is correct.
(As for the holes in the Tevas Rob Sweetgall has walked around the USA twice and always slits his Rockport tennis along the side to air them out in the heat, even in the winter.)
I am considering wearing these shoes while biking. (Bike tech-geeks gasping everywhere, I hear you!) I may wear them with an arch insert and good light wool socks to wick moisture away. What do you think, orthopedic gurus and Lance Armstong wannabes?