Friday, September 25, 2009

Teva Shoes

Teva Shoes
The evolution of Teva began with an unassuming Grand Canyon River Guide named Mark Thatcher and an idea that would spark the birth of an industry. Mark realized the boaters enjoyed the freedom and comfort of their choice in footwear but it's lack of support and stability was not ideal. With this knowledge and his own experience on the river, he developed the first prototype in 1984. The sport sandal was born - better yet, it worked! He started to call his new business Teva (pronounced "teh'-vah") which in Hebrew means Nature.

Since the inception over 20 years ago, Teva remains committed to both innovation in footwear and the protection of waterways around the world.

Terra Fi 2
teva spider rubber
teva universal strapping system
teva shoc pad
teva microban zinc