Friday, September 25, 2009

Women's Shoes

Shoes. We probably all have that friend that is a true fashionista but, lets be honest, most of us are not. Many women, and especially new moms, seem to fit into 1 of 2 fashion camps- the 'I like fashion but who has the time, money or energy to update my style' or 'you think your worn out tennis shoes and sporty sandals from 1995 are still working well'.

Well, we want to do the work for you and bring you stylish finds that you can afford and look good in.
We know life is busy and most of us don't have much time to go shopping for shoes. We do not believe in being slaves to the latest fashion trends, but we do look for clothing, shoes and accessories that are stylish and encompass our womanhood.

Some items are a bit trendy, which is great, but if they aren't then they are modern pieces that can work for several seasons. We pick shoes because they are either sexy, stylish or classic.

We also choose pieces that won't break the bank because nowadays who has the money to spurge on expensive shoes? Not most of us.

We hope you enjoy our selections of shoes for Real Women and Moms.