Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boots and sandals

More than three weeks have passed and I'm still not my old-full-of-life self yet, thanks to the weather.

Today, I managed to crawl out of bed to sit infront of my laptop long enough to do my first post for August.

And again, like the past few posts I did, this will also be filled with just great images. This time around, I am featuring my favourite accessories - shoes.

Topshop's Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection has a selection of beautiful boots and sandals designed to complement its range of collection inspired by the 70s and 80sothic and Victorian looks.

This season's shoes are accentuated with buckles, lattice panels and conical heels. They are made in sturdy tan leather, soft suede and mock croc.

The metallic look is all the rage now. So is the wraparound strap. Topshop also boasts a zebra print ankle boot and a grey flat ankle fur-lined boot to
add to the varied choices.