Friday, October 2, 2009

Men’s Shoes


Shoes play a major role in depicting a man’s personality. It not only reflects lifestyle but is also a true indicator of one’s tastes. One must have heard this oft quoted statement, “a man is known by the shoes he wears and company he keeps!” in the light of such statement it becomes imperative for a man to choose right pair of shoes. Luckily, for Indian men the footwear industry offers a lot of options. One can have any type of shoes depending upon the demand and occasion. From casual and formal to sneakers and traditional, one does have a lot of choices to choose from.

With the changing times, Indian men have also turned more fashionable. Now they prefer to have different shoes for different occasions. To fulfill his sense of occasion, he can also roam around huge number of footwear brands available in Indian market. Shoes are not just necessity rather; they have become the new style statement. Talking about styles of shoes, casual shoes are hugely popular amongst Indian men. Laced shoes, loafers, ankle boots etc all come under casual shoes. Best part about casual shoes is that they can be used with any casual outfit and are very comfortable. However, they match best with jeans.

Formal shoes are also known as dress Shoes. Mostly used by professionals and in combination with formal attire, formal shoes have typical classic look and soft leather. One can see Indian men in different pairs of dress shoes as per the demand of the occasion. Sneakers are another popular type of shoes. Mostly used in different outdoor and indoor activities, sneakers are basically casual athletic shoes. Available in number of designs, sneakers are one hot trend these days.

Athletes and sportsmen love to wear sports shoes that look very stylish and are very comfortable. Made of soft materials, sports shoes are very popular amongst Indian youths. Lastly, traditional Indian shoes like Mojari and Punjabi jutties totally Indian stuff and used for special occasions and festivals.