Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brasher Redesigns Supalite For 2010

The original Supalite was a pioneering lightweight boot tipping the scales at just 1122 grammes for a pair of size 9s, but it also felt slightly flimsy with it and, let's be honest, looked kind of weird in a duck's foot sort of way.

The new version, the Supalite II GTX has a raft of detail improvements. There's a new, lightweight and harder wearing Supalite sole unit that's more modern looking, has a bigger strike surface, slightly lowered tread depth and more tread on high-wear areas. Blocks are also siped for better wet surface grip, just like car tyres.

The upper is different, slightly tougher leather - 1.6-1.8mm full grain and there's a Gore-Tex liner for wateproofing. Finally cushioning is taken care of by an EVA mid-sole.

One important change is that the third lace hook down is now relocated to help hold the heel down in the boot making for more stability and precision.

And, as you can see from the photo, the new version Supalite does look a lot more balanced and normal than the old.

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