Friday, October 2, 2009

Shoes that make a statement: Gladiators


It is just recently that I have developed my fetish for shoes. Earlier, I never paid that much attention to my shoes. I would always prefer to go for a simple pair of shoes that would be comfortable to wear and allow me a snug walk on the busy streets of Mumbai. However, seeing and reading so much about shoes, I decided to have my own little collection too that I can boast of! So the coming few posts will give you a lot of fashion gyan about different types of shoes and where to wear them so that you only make fashion statements and no faux pas!

Today, we will talk about gladiators. Now for those who do not know what gladiators are, they are raw strappy flat sandals and they have their roots in the ancient cities of Rome and Greece where people wore them to war. Today’s gladiators are more stylish and are usually worn over skirts, capris and ancient styled knee length dresses. Gladiators are not supposed to be worn on ethnic Indian dresses such as salwar kameez and churidaar kurta! Also since gladiators have a very raw casual feel to it, you do not wear them for dinners and formal occasions. You wear them as you go for shopping, or an informal brunch or places like that!

Now gladiators of various lengths are available. You need to choose a length that flatters your legs. Knee length gladiators are unforgiving of thick calves, so you need to make a choice accordingly. Do not forget that since the front part of your feet will be seen, you need to follow your pedicure routine!

All kinds of regular wear like trapeze dresses, khaki shorts, long tops, A-line dresses, shirt dresses are all eligible to be worn along with your gladiators. Gladiators are usually in your face types and can be seen distinctly so do not wear heavy chunky accessories as it may be too much for someone to see! Just give all the due attention to your glads! Another good news is that in case you are conscious to wear flats because of your height, heeled gladiators are also available. The first timers should invest in a brown or a black pair that easily goes with all kinds of clothes. So what are you waiting for? Do go pick up one and flaunt them as you walk down the street!