Friday, October 30, 2009

Shoes for Water Sports

If you like to canoe, kayak, or engage in other fun water-based sports, investing in a good pair of sport sandals or water shoes is a great way to keep your feet comfortable, avoid the pain of stepping on rocks with bare feet, and most importantly, keep your shoes from floating away. A pair of flip flops can be dangerous – they can get stuck in the rocks, make you trip, and leave you shoeless when they flip off and float down the river. Sport and water shoes are also great for the beach (you can easily rinse out the sand), water parks, and at home doing things like washing the car. Teva brand sport shoes are a favorite of campers – they are made to get wet and they are very comfortable.

Most outdoor enthusiasts own Teva shoes. Teva makes quality shoes for men in trail running, sport sandals, adventure, casual, water, and flip flop styles. Teva began as a company seeking durable, water-proof shoes for rafting. Tevas are great when you need a comfortable, waterproof shoe that will work on slippery rocks and stay on your feet.